Monday, August 8, 2011

We are Alive and well!!!!!

Ok so for the last month (Geese! a month where do I begin???)
Well, Eric has graduated, we have packed up and moved to California for good, and a bunch of things in between! I'll just let the Pictures do the talking, just thinking about everything we've done overwhelms me to put it into words haha

Ok let me just start out by saying that I did this and Love it, just a little bragging time ;) !!!!

This is Eric and Justin playing Black Ops instead of us packing and organizing!

We were so grateful for Eric's Family all coming out and helping us move, and clean! seriously it was so sweet of them!

They also brought all of their trailers for us to pack up in!
Eric's Pinning Ceremony

When Eric was getting his pin he pretended that he got poked and the teacher was so scared hahahahahaha it was "so Eric" making a joke out of an important/ serious thing hahahahaha

The Family

I'm so proud of him!!

Before I tell you about this picture let me just say that I am Awesome!! haha seriously!
I put away, secretively, $40 a week since January for our anniversary and I made up $1000! It was Eric's gift for his graduation and he was so surprised and happy, he almost cried! hahaha I'm excited to see what he does with it for our Anniversary!!!!

All the Family at Dinner!

On the day Eric was going to Walk for Graduation we decided to go to Bear World! haha Loved it! This picture is of Bambi! The baby Deer!

This was the first time that I ever saw a real Bear! It was so cool!

Then we came back and Eric got all ready to truly Graduate!
He looks good! ~Before~
He Looks even Better!

After Eric's Graduation I left for Utah while he stayed to finish his Test to prepare for the Enclex (test to get a nursing license )
I made it just in time for my Great Grandma Mc Dowell's Funeral
This is Kira and I at the Lunch in

My Cousin fell down and he just looked so cute crying I couldn't resist!
He is holding a rose from My Great Grandma's Coffin, I guess I could say he misses Grandma!

After we dedicated the grave site they had Bag Pipes Playing in the back ground,
My Great Grandma Mc Dowell is scottish, It was so beautiful! Bag Pipes are my Favorite instrument!

Her Beautiful Pink Coffin
My Grandma, such a beautiful moment when the Bag Pipes were playing and she was saying goodbye to her mother, for now, knowing that she would see her again! I just love this picture!

The next day I went to Amber and Zac's home for Ella Kate's Baby Blessing
I was so lucky to be able to hold Ella for as long as I did on her special day! She is so precious!

And of course, Lacey!!!! She is more fun than ever, and so smart!

Ella in her little white dress!

After the Blessing I met up with my Dad and Kira again and we headed for California! Let me just give you a mental picture........This car has No air conditioning, Leather seats and we drove through the range of 95 degrees all the way up to 111 degrees with the windows down hitting traffic probably 4 times! Kira only lasted 4 hours in my car and went to stay in my dad's car where it was cool! So I am proud to say that with the traffic and Heat in mind...I drove all by myself from Utah to California in 14 hours all in one day!!!!!

The day after we got back Kira and I spent a day at the Beach with the Carpenters it was Amazing!!
Kira and I just Love our Bay Pay!!!!! hahaha

A week later Eric made it up to California and then my parents took us the the U.S. Open in Huntington Beach!
We stayed at a Hotel and this picture just shows how crazy California laws are...every Hotel has to have this Warning now hahahaha

The boyz and Ralphy
All of us in the car going home from U.S. Open! It was cool to see all the surfing!

Bryce Flexing for the Camera hahahahaha

Bay and Bryce Fell asleep, probably tired from waking up so early to surf before U.S. open started

Kira, So Happy and Tan

So everyone knows these are my cats!! :)
& Cali

After we got back Eric and I moved in to his Grandparents Lake house, in Canyon Lake!
It is awesome! We are so grateful to his Grandparents to let us start out here until we get situated!
Ok so this is the back of the house from the Dock

This is the back yard from the house! So Beautiful!

Eric spraying the Spiders off the Paddle Boat!

A cool spider web, but definitely was destroyed immediately after this picture!!

Eric and I on the lake enjoying the Paddle Boat, which by the way is hard work! Geese! Good way to work out I guess haha

My new hat in our new room, Eric in the back ground!

Eric's Grandpa took us out skiing!! So fun, but once again Hard Work! We were so sore the next day!

Eric's Cousin Dustin came to hang with us for a few days also! He is insane with the ski, seriously lucky I got a picture of him he's so fast!!!

Ok so That is everything that has happened since I last blogged! Sorry to overwhelm you with so much, but at least I'm all caught up now! It feels good!! Like I said Eric and I are Alive and doing really Well! Life has been really good to us!!