Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Ok so lets sum up just how fun and crazy this whole month has been!!! First I started coaching Track and field and I love it!! It makes me miss being in super great shape and the feeling of finishing a race and the accomplishment that you feel!! I miss it all, even the puking parts!!! Also The Bachelorette party! So happy I got to spend time with Kira and Jacky!! Then Brittany and Jarman's wedding!! I loved doing Britt's hair! She looked beautiful and I think we can all agree that her wedding dress is the most gorgeous wedding dress we have EVER seen! Yes I am envious! :) Then Valentines Day, Eric took me to The storybook Restaurant which is in the Disneyland hotel!! It's his favorite place to eat Breakfast!! hahaha I mean what is more romantic than listening to Ring around the Rosie and Lou Lou skip to my Lou while eating a delicious breakfast and having the characters from Brother Bear come up and give us hugs??? I know Eric is the Best!! yes that romantic streak is why I love him!! Seriously though the food is amazing! He got me flowers also and I baked him peanut butter cookies, so our Valentines was just perfect for us!!
I got a Job!! At Tru Art Salon, just started last week and so far I love it! Then Eric and I had our Birthdays! For Eric's he worked so I celebrated his a few days before and brought him breakfast in bed and then spent the week giving him foot massages and head massages and back massages just to make up for his lousy birthday at the hospital. He also went and paid to get an hour massage twice at massage envy! hahahahaha Wow! I didn't realize but he had a great birthday week!! hahaha For my Birthday I got a new Camera. my old one fell out of my purse one night while I was getting out of the car and the next day I found it Ran over by a sad! Anyways I love my new camera!! Then I went to CPK with my Dad, Bryce , Bay , and Eric and then to a movie! Ok i think that is it for the Month! What a great month!! :)

Picture taken with my new Camera

Track Meet, Bryce Pole Vaulting
Bryce and Cory

Loved having my big sis come down for Britt's wedding!
Me and Jacky at CPK
Kira and Britt!

My flowers and Eric's cookies
Brother Bear!!:)
Seriously Best Breakfast Ever!