Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Eric and I just had the best 2nd Easter together!! Well, I did! Eric got me a brand new Camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously it was so sweet of him! We weren't going to get each other anything for easter, but he completely surprised me! I was going to surprise him with an easter egg hunt. I bought 15 eggs and filled them with candy and each one had a message like "I love you" and just reasons why I love him. I woke up early in the morning and hid all of the eggs with a note for him to go find them!! But, Eric's surprise was way better than mine!!!! I love Eric and my new Camera!!!

My Easter Basket!!!


Eric Thought it would be cool to put money around them hahahaha of course!

Erics Eggs
My Eggs

Easter Morning, My note for Eric
Me hiding the eggs

Eric finding them

The Easter Bunny (Eric) hid our Eggs while I was sleeping
I found them!
Happy Easter Everyone! Hope it was as good as ours!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have forgotten how much I love just getting outside to enjoy nature and fresh air while running! Plus there hasn't been any snow on the ground for two weeks!!! Eric is the one who forced me to get my butt off the couch and start working out with him, he always seems to know whats best for me! Well I didn't do it right away but I promised him that I'd get up with him one morning and run with him. Worst decision, I am not a morning person and I almost died of asthma attack and shock to the muscles. It was so hard!!! Well somehow I got myself to run the next day, but in the afternoon haha. Its amazing how much different my run went just by changing what time of day it was. Anyways, I Love my afternoon runs! Its not even that I love running, but I tell myself that it doesn't matter how fast or how far I run, I'm not running to work out, I'm running to get outside and get some fresh air while giving my body a little bit of endorphins to keep me happy for at least one more day! Its amazing how somehow I tricked my mind into loving the 30 min that I have to "work out" only because I don't treat it like a work out or weight loss time. Its just a me time! Brilliant right!! Well I love my runs now and I encourage everyone to get out in this spring weather and enjoy it by running, walking, or skipping. Really anything if only to get outside! I just realized that I love being outside because I've been cooped up all winter!! And I thought nothing good could come from winter, but now I have this new appreciation for out doors! Amazing!

Also to catch up on our life, We Spent my second half of Spring Break at my Sister in laws (Ambers) house in Orem, Utah with Eric. I got to spend a ton of time with my niece Lacey who Loves me now!!!!!! She wouldn't leave my side when I was in the room! She also learned my name and she calls me Coco, my nickname if anyones wondering. I love hearing her say my name! Its the best!! Also I enjoyed spending quality time with Amber teaching her how to crochet and watching HGTV laughing at all of the weird people. It was also so nice to spend time with Eric when he had no stress of school. He enjoyed relaxing all weekend, though I'm sure by the end he was getting bored, he likes being busy haha! It was a Great week! I can't wait to go back in June when Amber has her new Baby Ella! I miss Lacey already!!
I Love Lacey

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break!!!

Spring Break could not have been any better! After being stuck in Idaho for this last winter enduring the negative degrees and Freezing constantly; there is nothing like California, 90 degree weather and sun bathing to thaw me out for spring! On top of the amazing weather I got to spend it at the Conleys River House with my family and friends! We just relaxed all weekend with no plans, well, just a plan to do NOTHING!!!!! we layed out all day long, but with all of the laying out, my sunscreen did not work haha I burnt everywhere, even my face! never have I burnt my face, i was so white!! But that was kind of my plan, if i didn't get burnt than I wasn't in the sun long enough. HaHa I planned on spending all weekend in the sun soaking up the vitamin D that I've benn without for almost two years!!!!!! Now just when you thought this weekend could not have gotten any does! We had the opportunity to listen to conference!!! It was so uplifting and inspiring! I love conference! now picture this, sunday morning you wake up, get your bathing suit on, grab a muffin and orange juice for breakfast and take it outside with a towel and material for taking notes. while laying in a lawn chair in the sun you hear the prophet speaking over the radio! Kira, B Con, and I kept saying that this was better than attending conference live!!! We listened to conference while laying out in the sun!!! What else is there to say, I'm speechless now because it was so perfect! Being spiritualy fed while being physicaly fed by the sun. We also decided that we all look better and feel better when we're tan! so we were boosting our confidence inside and out! hahaha I think you get it! Ha! All I have to say now is THANK YOU CONLEYS!!!!!! Thank you for giving me and awesome weekend!!! And next time I'll bring Eric into this world of Bliss!

Kira, BCon, and I by the River soaking up the sun

Kira with her classic handstand soaking up the sun

All us girls relaxing, talking, reading, just enjoying each others company

Kira and Brittney looking more beautiful than ever with their new tans! well almost New Tan

Loved soaking up the sun and enjoying time with my MOM!!! Love her!

Just us girls getting ready to do nothing! :)
We could not get over how perfect this weekend was!

We had the funnest time talking about everything! Somtimes Girl time is all you need to feel better!

My DAD and his girls Kira and I! Love my Dad!!

Saturday Morning Session of Conference!

I gave Haircuts!

Britt Con my mom and dad! This is where we all hung out and talked! "SO BLITHE!"

All of us kids Played around the world! So FUN!!
Thank you Conleys!!! And Thank you Britt for the pictures! ;)