Friday, October 28, 2011

Birthday's, Pumpkin's, and Disneyland

Last weekend Kira came down for her Birthday!! We had so much fun shopping, hanging out, and going to watch Bay's water polo games! It was the perfect weekend for Kira, I miss her!!!

Then the next weekend we had an awesome Halloween night with Kris and Catherine! We Carved pumpkins, listened to Halloween music on Pandora (I know, it has everything), and had a lot of treats! We love spending time with them! It's always such a blast!!! 

This picture is of my new oxfords!! 

The pumpkins were heavy, can you tell? ;)

We found a Rotten Pumpkin in the patch, Gross

 Then Eric accidentally dropped it and it Reeked!!!! Haha

There was a petting Zoo!!!

Eric spent 30 minutes drawing these blueprints for his pumpkin! He was very serious! hahahaha

 He went with the Triangles? Bahahahahahahahaha  He is so funny!!!!!

Of course we baked the Pumpkin Seeds!!! YUM!

And then we made some Pizzookies!!! Even Better!!!!!!

Amber and Zac came down the same weekend for Lacey's Birthday!! We went to Disneyland twice! Eric and I Loved seeing our niece's!!! We can't Believe how much They have Grown!! Lacey is Two now and can talk your ear off, and she will sing you any song!! We Loved seeing them, miss them already!!

Lacey Wearing my glasses!

Ella Laughs so easily, I love it!!

I know! Cutest picture ever!!!

We got to spend time with Amy!!

It has been a crazy two weeks full of friends and family!!!!! Eric and I are blessed! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference Weekend

This last week Eric and I finally decided what we are going to do with the 1,000 dollars I saved up for us! Ready? Drum Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We bought Disneyland Passes!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO  We have already been twice! Just thought everyone should know! haha Also Conference this weekend was so Good!! I learned so much! This is the second time I have sat and listened to all of conference even saturday and I Love it!! This usually doesn't happen to me, but I felt like Every talk was meant for me! Except the having babies one...........hahahaha jk! I am so uplifted and motivated to make my life better! Anyways we had Kris and Catherine over for the weekend and they are so fun! We swam on saturday and then Cath and I watched a movie while the boys were at priesthood, then we stayed up until one just playing games, driving around, and talking! And it was so nice to have them with us sunday morning for conference! We had a great breakfast such as the Pillsbury orange cinnamon roles, so we were all physically fed and spiritually fed! This weekend was just what I needed to lift my spirits! 

Us at Disneyland

Conference Weekend with Kris and Catherine