Thursday, March 24, 2011

My neice!!!!

This is my neice! She is my favorite!!!

I Love being an Aunt!!!!!!!!!

Amy and I love Lacey

Eric loves Lacey, he's a proud Uncle

We Love her!!!

I'm a proud Aunt

She is so beautiful

I miss her!!!!!! She is such a happy girl!!!

She's a model

She's now a year and a half and is so smart and cute!
My neice is Loved!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who said that Crocheting is for Grandmas????

I have recently taken up a new hobby! I am learning how to crochet! I am making two baby bibs for my soon to be neice! I make them by taking two different peices of cute complimentary fabrics and I sew them together by crocheting around the side, kind of like a lace lining around it. It is so cute and so fun to be able to make something completely from scratch! Its something that makes me feel like an accomplished women. Well, I've been talking to my clients about my new hobby and guess what their response is? This will surprise you, "Isn't crocheting for grandmas? hahaha" or "What? Are you turning 90 tomorrow? hahaha" HAHAHAHAHAHA...........Not!!!!!!!! Who said that crocheting is for grandmas?!??!? Grandmas didn't just decide to crochet when they turned 70! Most of them had to of learned it when they were younger! Plus the older you get the more achey you get, so why would crocheting, which is a studious and painstaking task, be for Grandmas? Then the older you get the worse your eyesite gets so why would something that has the tiniest holes in which you have to pull tiny string through be for grandmas!? Plus who says that a Grandma is even old? A grandma could be in their 40's and know how to crochet, meaning you don't have to be 90 to crochet!!

Who doesn't want to be like their grandma????? I mean, if you believe this nonsense of crocheting is only what grandmas do. why wouldn't you want to learn it and become as accomplished and amazing as your grandma? What are you going to do when you become a grandma and you don't know how to crochet? Then you'll be the laughing stock of the whole knitting club!! Thus you will be wishing that you learned to crochet BEFORE you were a grandma. So like I said
"Who said that crocheting is for Grandmas???????"

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning!!!!

Today I did some spring cleaning! I scrubbed everything from the windows to the walls 'til the sweat drop down my........... face Ha I really was sweating! I seriously scrubbed everything in sight! It isn't normal the way I clean. I'm not one who can just clean a little here and a little there and keep it up for the week until it all gets done, no! I have to be hard core for 6 hours striahgt and just get it all done! And I can't just deep clean one room, I have to deep clean the whole house! When i get in that mind set I know that if I don't get it all done now, it'll never get done, seriously!!! So I went on a cleaning rampage and I forgot to eat or use the rest room for 6 hours striaght! I was out of control and I'm sure I got high off of all the chemicals I used in the bathroom! While I was cleaning I suddenly realized that spring officialy started on sunday and I thought it was so funny and ironic that I would go crazy about cleaning right when spring started! I was literally doing my "spring cleaning!" I had to tell Eric since it was so funny and he did not think it was funny at all, he just didn't get it! Ha I guess I was going crazy because now that I think about it, it really isn't that funny, but at the moment it was! Ha
whenever I finished deep cleaning a room I would have him inspect it(I wanted somone to appreciate my work). Oh he was sooooo surprised that I cleaned so much! I don't think he's ever seen that side of me! Haha After I finished and came back to reality, we went to Idaho Falls to get some Sushi!:) We invited Andrew, Jacky, and Hannah. On The way Jacky asked what we did today and when I told her that I cleaned, Eric had to add that I "cleaned better than any mexican ever could!" hahaha I love him!

Ok so Eric asked me a few days ago if he could get an I-Pad and I was hesitant at first but I always give in. So Eric told me that if we go to get his I-Pad in Idaho Falls on monday I can get some sushi at the Blue Hashi! I agreed and While we were there the most amazing thing happend!!!!!! Eric ordered, ate, and ENJOYED sushi!!!! He ordered the Geisha Roll which had Unagi, cucumber, avacado, cream cheese, and sweet soy. He switched the Unagi for chicken Haha of course, but he loved it!!!!! This Is deffinately something that I never thought would happen!!! So I just want to say that as Jacky, Andrew, Hannah and God as my witness, today March 22nd 20011 Eric Richard Fleckner Enjoyed his very first SUSHI!!!!!!

LOVE Where Dreams Come True

The first time Eric said "I love you" was about 3 months after we started dating. We both went home for Christmas break and Eric wanted to take me on a date to Disneyland. One of his Best friends Brandon worked at Disneyland with his girlfriend. So we doubled and since they work at Disneyland, we got in for free! :) So we spent the day going on Indiana Jones and space mountain. We went on Pirates of the caribean and watched the Parade! I could tell that Eric had somthing on his mind, and sometime during the day Eric and Brandon went to the bathroom together, eric later told me that they were discussing Eric wanting to say I love you, and Brandon telling him to just say it already! Well after they got back we went to the Haunted Mansion and at the very end when you see a ghost sitting in the cart with you through the mirror, Eric grabbed my hand and said "I Love You"! I was so happy to hear him say it, it made the whole rest of the night romantic! Eric was going to say it during the fire works at the end of the night, but him telling me in the Haunted mansion, though not as romantic, suited his personality perfectly! He couldn't wait until the fireworks! Plus he got to say it several more times the rest of the night! I think he was confused at why I didn't say it back right away, but I wanted to say it when I truly felt it. So 2 weeks later when we were back in Idaho, we were having a discusion about everything and I was amazed at how understanding he was. He was such a good person and I loved being with him and thats when I knew I loved him. It wasn't even planned, I just said it! He was so happy grinning the rest of the night! It was so amazing loving someone and knowing that he loved me back!
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return" Moulin Rouge

Sunday, March 20, 2011

True First Kiss

Our first Kiss was about 3 to 4 weeks after we first started dating. Eric has never waited that long while dating a girl and his buddies were hounding him to make a move! He tried one night while we were watching a movie on the couch, but I told him it didn't count because he kissed me right when I had my hair pulled over my lips. HaHa The rest of the night I avoided eye contact. It sounds like I was playing hard to get, but really I was so nervous and the only other person I've made out with waited a year before he made his move. I just hate first kisses!!! I've had 3 first kisses before Eric. One of them was with Andrew Logan who missed half my lips and rammed into my face, the other was a perfect hit with Blake Hoyt, but it was outside of the freshman dorms and I barely remember it so it was not memorable and un romantic, and the other was in the basement of my Utah house when I was 9 with Darian Mendivil and we only kissed because we were dating in our "pretend" game. Ok so These first kisses are just pecks, now Making out, kira once told me, are true first kisses. She never counted my pecks as real kisses. So when I had my first true kiss with Andrew Logan a year after our first peck I let him do all the work because I had no idea what to do. I'm such a loser! So you could see why I was so nervous! It wasn't until the next night that Eric tried again. We were so bored in Rexburg so we went to Wal Mart to pick out some game we could play, we picked out a pad with Hangman on it Ha and then headed to Porter Park. We were sitting in the car on the Play ground side playing hangman and just talking. During this time I needed to go to the bathroom so I ran to the bathroom and when I came back out Eric scared me! I was acting mad about it when he pulled me into a hug and then lifted my face up and For the first time this first kiss wasn't just a peck, It was the kind of kisses that you see at the very end of movies! It was a True First Kiss!!!! I'm sure I wasn't that good, he was so I enjoyed it a lot ;) When we talked about it later he told me that he has never had to work so hard to kiss a girl before. I don't know if I'm just a scardy cat or if all of those other girls are skanks, but I'm glad he had to work hard for it! Its been said that when you work hard for something it means that much more to you, or you appreciate it more. And maybe this is why i stuck? Who knows, I'm still Glad! Well, it was the BEST first kiss I've ever had and I'm satisfied with ending all first kisses with Eric!

The Biginning

This is the story of how Eric and I first met. This event happened about 3 months into my first year at college at BYU-I. It was Mothers weekend October 17th -19th 2009. I went over to my sister Kira's apartement through the weekend. Kira and her roommates Britt Conley and Jacky Hjelmstad and my roommate Kylee Fronk, we all had our mom's up for mothers weekend. The Mom's all drove up together since we're all from Temecula. Well, It was the first night that the mothers were here and they were all being so funny and crazy. We were complaining about how the boys in Rexburg never ask girls out on dates and how lame they were. The moms were telling us how we had no idea how to be "flirty" enough and they started to teach us how to flirt. Well actually it was mostly Terri Conley and my mom that were trying to teach us, which is the most hilarious thing with those two together. Eric showed up around this time. He was there to see his Aunt........Terri Conley....which means Britt is his cousin. So he came in with his buddies and started to talk to his Aunt about random things like how school is going and how life is. When he first walked in I noticed that he was cute so I decided to listen to the conversation just to see if I could get a word in. And luckily I ate at Wendy's That day for lunch because that was exactly what had gotten our conversation started. He mention that he worked at wendy's and I immediately jumped in and said "wait? you work at Wendy's? I just went there today!" He replied " Yes I do, what time did you come in? I might have made your burger." I told him what time and he had been working during the time i ate there. I responded with "well, It was a delicious burger so thanks" and right after I said that Terri cut right in and said "see girls Nicole is the perfect example of how to flirt!" and my mom agreed vocally as well!!!!! So embarrassing!!! I couldn't believe it, even though it was hilarious that they would say that, seriously so humiliated. Eric and I didn't talk or make eye contact the rest of the his visit. After he left I got made fun of because of how rediculous I had been with saying "Oh My burger was so delicious(with sexy tone of voice)!" Ha Who even cares because I really did think that it was a delicious burger and that is exactly why I said it. HaHa Anyways about two weeks later I get a text from B-Con and she asked me if I wanted to go on a date with her cousin Fleck and I agreed. About 5 min Later I get a text from him asking me out on a date! Ha They were totally together when they texted me.
This is the story from Eric's view. After he had come to visit and had left, him and his buddies were all talking about how cute I was. They realized after talking about me that I might still be in high school. They thought this because Kira was only in her second year of college and they didn't think we were that close in age. So after all getting grossed out and feeling like kid pedifilers they made a pact to not speak of me again. Then two weeks later he was going to go on a date with someone that my sister and B Con didn't think was as compatable for him, so they made a deal with him. He had to take me out on a date first before the other girl. This is when he realized that I was in college and that he could date me.
Thanks to B Con and Kira, Eric and I are now happily married :) I am forever in their dept! Love you Kira and Brittney
This is all of us During the Mothers weekend that changed my life!
I.O.U. Big time! Love You guys!!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

And the answer was YES!

This special day was my birthday, February 28th, 2009 to be exact. We were at Eric's house in Yorba Linda for the day. Eric had gotten me a pillow for my birthday, actually it was his old pillow! Ha (Only because it was one of those really nice memory foam pillows that i used every time i slept over and i loved it) Anyways, After I had gotten ready, Eric told me he had a surprise for me but we had to drive there first. As we were driving in the car Eric turned on the song you're in my heart by Rod Stewart and sang it to me for the first time. He was so sweet singing those words to me "you're in my heart. you're in my soul, you'll be my breath should i grow old, you are my lover, you're my best friend, you're in my soul." His favorite part was about the "big bosomed lady with a dutch accent" of course Ha! Him singing and being all romantic, and this being the day that he proposed made this "our song". well, we drove about 20 min to the John Wayne Airport. When we were pulling in I was so confused! I had no Idea what was coming next. Eric got out of the car and went and talked to this guy that looked like he was waiting for us. So I got out of the car and the man took us out back where all of the tiny charter planes were at. WE WERE GOING FLYING! So exciting!!! It took about 30 min to prepare the plane before we took off. During this time we decided that eric got the passenger seat and I got the back seat, we put our head phones on that were suppose to protect our ears against the noisy small plane. Eric got to put his I-pod in that we listened to while wearing our ear phones, I think we listened to Jack Johnson :) The Plane ride took us out over the ocean about 20 min until we saw Catalina Island! I thought we were just going to turn around and go back, but instead we landed at the tiny air port on top of the mountain. Sooooooo scary! The landing runway started right at a cliff which i was sure we were going to crash into until we barely missed it by a few feet and landed on top. so crazy! well, we went inside the airport which really felt like a gas station, and we looked around. I bought a few post cards so i could remember this moment forever. Then Eric told me that we are going to go and hike and have a picnic. It was at least 100 degrees outside so we were looking for some shade, but had no luck. we ended up in the middle of a field with an awesome view of the ocean. Eric had brought a blanket and he made us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, yum! HaHa Not really that yum, Ha but I wasn't that hungry anyway because of all of the excitement! We had been eating for about 10 min. when Eric got up on both knees and while digging in his backpack he said that he still had my birthday card to give me. He pulled out a folded up paper, opened it and started reading a poem that he wrote for me. This was how it went:
Beautiful so wonderful
your eyes pacific blue
this is what I talk about
When I'm describing you

sensitive so sensitive
you surely fit the part
that doesn't bother me at all
because you've won my heart

Talented in painting nails
and doing people's hair
you worry last about yourself
for others your are there

I love your spirituality
and how you try so hard
by doing all he ask of you
and keeping up your guard

The qualities that you possess
are magnified to me
that you're exactly what I want
for all eternity

my love has grown immeasurable
it brings me to my knee
I want you as my wife Nicole
Please, will you marry me?

He got all choked up and as he was finishing he reached in his backpack and pulled out a heart shaped ring box. I said yes and tried to kiss him before he even had the chance to show me the ring and put it on my finger! Because it was so hot my fingers were a little swollen so he couldn't get it on me, i had to put it on myself HaHaHa. We kissed for a little bit, but it was just too hot so we packed up and headed back to the air port. This whole time I was laughing and stunned and so excited. Eric kept saying, "Its ok if you want to cry" hahahaha he wanted me to cry, but i was just so happy i couldn't! I tried to think of something sad to cry and make Eric feel special, but seriously I couldn't no matter how hard I tried HaHa. I just kept laughing! Anyways, when we got back in the plane and took off the pilot told us to look down at the ground so we did and it was so amazing when the plane breeched the end of the cliff the ground went from 5 feet below us to at least 1000 feet below us! Then the pilot took us around Catalina Island and the view was so beautiful, the water so blue. The pilot even took us on some big loops where we would be up side down or sideways! It was so fun! As we flew away from the island i couldn't of imagined a more perfect nor romantic way to propose. Eric Is so amazing! I said yes to the perfect man for me! I love him so much! Oh and on top of all of this he picked out the most beautiful most perfect ring! I didn't help him pick it out, he wanted to pick it out so he put the ring together all by himself. It fits my personality perfectly! Plus the quality of the diamond was so unique and amazing that I could blind myself with the sparkles. I can always look back on this moment and smile at how perfect of a day it was. When we drove back to Eric's house we listened to our song again, but this time with more meaning, love, and happiness that i felt would never end!

The Morning of my birthday

The Plane we flew in

The scariest Airport runway ever!!!!

The Catalina Airport that seemed like a gas station

These are the post cards

The beautiful view we had during our picnic

My perfect Ring

These are the pictures we took from the plane when we flew around the Island