Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hair, Hair, Hair!!!!! Nope I am not sick of it yet! In fact it is only getting more exciting!! I Had such a blast inviting a bunch of girls over for me to do their hair and makeup and then have a photo shoot!! I have been watching demos on Youtube to learn more about updos and coloring and styling ect........ I am very happy with the career that I have chosen! It is a very good feeling to know that I enjoy what I do, I mean work is work, but the majority of it I love! I also love the salon that I am working in! All of the girls that I work with are so sweet and surprisingly have things in common with me! Sorry I know I am acting like one of those too Happy its fake types! Oh Well hahahaha
My Station at my Salon
My salon
My Niece's, whom I saw this last week and I just love love love them!!
Sorry, just threw them into my Hair themed post! hahaha
All of the Beautiful girls that let me take a whole day out of their spring break
to Doll them all up!
Emily, I call this the Wedding Bow
Me with a normal messy Bun
Jennifer, I don't have a name for this ha
Andie with the vintage 'U' Bun
Tauna with curls and a Waterfall braid across the top
(like I did for Britt's wedding)
Raegan with a Dutch Braid
Melissa has a twist on the other side and I
call this the Rose Bun
Brenna I don't have a name for this other than it was all of
the girls favorite! One of mine too!:)
Kimi with the Rat Nest Bun, YUP! It is all
about the BUNS!!!!
Ombre'!!!!!! No not the spanish word for Man or Boy! The Hair Color!
It is my favorite right now! I feel bad. but I don't remember this girls name, but I
did her color in Idaho! She was the first person I ever did Ombre' on! Love!

Then a few weeks ago Kimi wanted it done also!!! Seriously I love this color!!!

I want to keep adding to my Hair portfolio so I will be doing way more
photo shoots so let me know if you are interested in me doing your hair and makeup and taking a bunch of pictures of you!! :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Ok so lets sum up just how fun and crazy this whole month has been!!! First I started coaching Track and field and I love it!! It makes me miss being in super great shape and the feeling of finishing a race and the accomplishment that you feel!! I miss it all, even the puking parts!!! Also The Bachelorette party! So happy I got to spend time with Kira and Jacky!! Then Brittany and Jarman's wedding!! I loved doing Britt's hair! She looked beautiful and I think we can all agree that her wedding dress is the most gorgeous wedding dress we have EVER seen! Yes I am envious! :) Then Valentines Day, Eric took me to The storybook Restaurant which is in the Disneyland hotel!! It's his favorite place to eat Breakfast!! hahaha I mean what is more romantic than listening to Ring around the Rosie and Lou Lou skip to my Lou while eating a delicious breakfast and having the characters from Brother Bear come up and give us hugs??? I know Eric is the Best!! yes that romantic streak is why I love him!! Seriously though the food is amazing! He got me flowers also and I baked him peanut butter cookies, so our Valentines was just perfect for us!!
I got a Job!! At Tru Art Salon, just started last week and so far I love it! Then Eric and I had our Birthdays! For Eric's he worked so I celebrated his a few days before and brought him breakfast in bed and then spent the week giving him foot massages and head massages and back massages just to make up for his lousy birthday at the hospital. He also went and paid to get an hour massage twice at massage envy! hahahahaha Wow! I didn't realize but he had a great birthday week!! hahaha For my Birthday I got a new Camera. my old one fell out of my purse one night while I was getting out of the car and the next day I found it Ran over by a sad! Anyways I love my new camera!! Then I went to CPK with my Dad, Bryce , Bay , and Eric and then to a movie! Ok i think that is it for the Month! What a great month!! :)

Picture taken with my new Camera

Track Meet, Bryce Pole Vaulting
Bryce and Cory

Loved having my big sis come down for Britt's wedding!
Me and Jacky at CPK
Kira and Britt!

My flowers and Eric's cookies
Brother Bear!!:)
Seriously Best Breakfast Ever!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brittney Conley Eichelberger

Its amazing how Positive B-con is!! How everyone like me who would never know that there was any trial in her life, unless told directly that there is, and still amazed to find out! And I may not know anything about the trial and still barely know her, but from what I do know, I admire everything about her. Everyone can agree that she lights up every room she walks in! Like how you know it's a party because B-con is there! hahaha Well, I'm going to share a little secret with everyone, but don't judge me or be freaked out hahaha......................
There is always someone in my life, ever since I was young, whom I try to be more like . When I was 8 to 12 it was one of Kira's friends Tonya Hardy and I copied my favorite color, yellow, from her! Ever since her, there has always been someone who I try to be more like. It varies from person to person. some I admire for one month, others it lasts years. All the way up until these last few years it has been Brittney. Its something I do subconsciously and I realize myself being the annoying little sister that copies everyone hahaha Kira has had to deal with this side of me her whole life because she is always the top of my list of who I want to be just like. haha Well let me tell you why Brittney has been up there with Kira. It first started when Kira was rooming with Brittney and how fun it was to go and hang out with them! Then Brittney waited for Jesse while he was on his mission. You see my whole life people say that waiting for your missionary isn't smart, and that you are wasting two years of your life and I'm sure everyone can add to this list. It has always bothered me when people said these things. I see them all as ignorant people who don't like working hard for something that they want. I have a great great great Grandmother who waited for My great great great Gramdpa for 4 years. And well, My Grandpa got his mission extended 3 times and each time My Grandma didn't find out until after she went to the train station and waited all day, then a few weeks later she would receive a letter that his mission was extended again. I Love this story and when Brittney waited, I admired her all the more. It is so hard to put trust in the whole situation, trust in the Lord, hoping that it will turn out in the end. To be that lonely and missing someone for that long??? And I'm sure some people made her feel like she was making the wrong decision. Not many can hold out no matter how much you love the person!! She did!
Then there is the obvious of setting eric and I up on a date which pretty much sums up my Happily Ever After!! I will always be so grateful for her placing Eric in my life! And now the small stuff like how she tells a story so animated! It makes seriously the most boring stories come to life and some how it ends like the funniest story you have ever heard! hahahaha How she is one of Kira's best friends, and gets to spend loads of time with her!! who couldn't be jealous of that? ;) And how Happy and Positive she is every time I'm with her, I leave wanting to be that happy and positive in my own life! Well I could go on and on and on, but I'm already being creepy enough! hahahaha I just want Brittney to know that She inspires me!!! Like Anne of Green Gables would put truly are a Kindred Spirit!!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

This weekend My family and I drove to Vegas to go to our cousin Aubri's wedding! It was such a fun weekend! It was so nice to see how happy Aubri is with Glenn! I really enjoyed doing her hair and nails for the wedding!!!

My mom driving!!!

Bryce and Ralphy

Aubri's hair for her wedding!!!

Me with the Beautiful bride

Aubri and Glenn, the happy Bride and Groom!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Catching up!!!!!

I went up to spend a week with Kira right before Christmas!!! I love spending time with Kira! It was so fun seeing where she works and meeting all of her coworkers! I miss her so much and can't wait for Britt's wedding to see her again!!

We had so many late nights talking and Redboxing it up with the best movies!!

Salt Lake Airport.......Really???? No one noticed when this sign was made?????

Helping Kira pack up to move into her new Apartment!
Miss her!!!!!!!!

During the Holidays Eric and I went to Disneyland with Jacky and Andrew and it was such a good day! We got there about 8am and it wasn't crowded at all we walked onto ever single ride!! It was seriously amazing!! Then at California Adventures it was the same deal!!! We were amazed because usually during Christmas Break it is insanely crowded, but lucky us we came probably the only day it wasn't!

Indiana Jones!!!

These were everywhere, and the raindrops!!! I couldn't resist!

Monday, January 16, 2012


For Christmas Eric's parents gave us tickets to WICKED!!!!! I had seen this play before about 4-5 years ago and I knew that I would love it, but my memory didn't do it justice! I cried at least 4 times in the play! Eric has never been to Broadway and knowing Eric the way I do, I knew better than to tell him that he would love it. I kept telling him that "I" love it and that he might not, hahahaha he hates it when people build things up because he is always disappointed haha So I let him think he might not like it and of course he LOVED it!!!! He said that this gets him more excited to see other play such as Les Miserable, The Phantom of the Opera which just made my day! Lucky me!! I officially have a husband that is in love with Broadway. So where does that put us on the list of Similarities? Ummmmm I think its now up to five? hahaha Anyways we had a blast!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Who Would You Be??

I was looking through some quotes and I came across this quote and want to know what people think.

What would you ATTEMPT

if you KNEW you could not Fail?

All I know is that I have so many things I would do if I knew I would not Fail! A few of these things are first; I would Love to own a little Salon that has a tiny cafe hooked to it. I would hired Artist and musicians to come in and play their music live. They would play songs such as Michael Buble', Colbie Callet , Josh Groban, Adele ect......... Just Imagine putting these Artist into Pandora and that is what I would like. Then as people get their hair done, Pedi's and Mani's; they will have a cafe where they can get snacks, hot chocolate and just relax and listen to the music. It will be about the experience more than about beauty. I know that it doesn't make sense having a cafe and a salon, also it's so different and I can see it not working with the live performers. I know the negatives to this dream, but if I knew I would not fail. I would do it in a Heart Beat!!!! To know that I would succeed and achieve the experience I want everyone to have, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to start making that dream come true.

Second; I have this crazy dream to become a Yoga Instructor. Hahahaha it's ok I'm laughing too! haha All I know is that I Love Yoga and I want more than anything to be able to be that flexible and healthy. I Love thinking that I can help people find peace in their lives and to help them be Healthy. Nothing feels better than when you take time out of your day to stretch/work out and then Meditate. well, It's very expensive to become an Instructor, also you have to go away for a month up to three months in order to become certified. A month would be fine, but 3 months away from Eric is a little too selfish and unhealthy for any marriage. Also I'm not sure Yogi people belief's are ok to be a part of, you know to keep my Temple Recommend? Anyways If I knew that is was ok and that I would not Fail I would start saving money now to go to School!!

It's crazy how this question dares me to dream and it makes me ask myself "Why Not?". Why am I not Trying to achieve something in my life?? It is very healthy for everyone to have goals and to try to become something. One thing that I am doing now is preparing to be a Mother. If I knew I wouldn't Fail as a Mother I would have 16 kids hahaha seriously! Although I am super excited to be a mother, I will admit it is scary! I already have a hard time taking care of myself and Eric how can I add more people to this family Eric and I have? I know what everyone is probably thinking, so don't say it. It's just I Feel selfish because I want to be able to take care of myself just as well as I can now. I want to be able to keep my life balanced as I make my Children number one. I want to be able to be a good example to them, when right now I don't feel like I am a good example to anyone. also want to never put Eric in the background. It's scary to think about all of this. I feel overwhelmed. I know how I should be thinking, but I choose to be honest. Now with all of that said, I want a baby so bad, you know Baby hungry? I can't wait to have a Little person to take care of and Love!! I just can't think of having a child without being nervous. Kudos to those people who become parents without anxiety, but I honestly don't believe those people exist. What would life be knowing we would never Fail??

I don't think it would be better, It sounds great at first. It even sounds inspiring but then where would Faith come in?? I don't think having a salon/Cafe, being a Yoga Instructor, or more importantly, a baby, would be as exciting without the fear of failure. I also don't think the reward of success would be as sweet without Faith. Just some thoughts I want to put out in the world.

Women that I look up too!

Who Inspire me and who I Aspire to be more like!

Kira my sis, who doesn't look up to their big sis? Love her!!

Amber my sister in-law who is such a great Mother and Person

My Parents! Still can't live without my mom!

My Mother in-law who taught Eric Everything he knows, she is an amazing mother.
I know Eric is not a woman but I look up to him also!