Friday, December 2, 2011

Who Would You Be??

I was looking through some quotes and I came across this quote and want to know what people think.

What would you ATTEMPT

if you KNEW you could not Fail?

All I know is that I have so many things I would do if I knew I would not Fail! A few of these things are first; I would Love to own a little Salon that has a tiny cafe hooked to it. I would hired Artist and musicians to come in and play their music live. They would play songs such as Michael Buble', Colbie Callet , Josh Groban, Adele ect......... Just Imagine putting these Artist into Pandora and that is what I would like. Then as people get their hair done, Pedi's and Mani's; they will have a cafe where they can get snacks, hot chocolate and just relax and listen to the music. It will be about the experience more than about beauty. I know that it doesn't make sense having a cafe and a salon, also it's so different and I can see it not working with the live performers. I know the negatives to this dream, but if I knew I would not fail. I would do it in a Heart Beat!!!! To know that I would succeed and achieve the experience I want everyone to have, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to start making that dream come true.

Second; I have this crazy dream to become a Yoga Instructor. Hahahaha it's ok I'm laughing too! haha All I know is that I Love Yoga and I want more than anything to be able to be that flexible and healthy. I Love thinking that I can help people find peace in their lives and to help them be Healthy. Nothing feels better than when you take time out of your day to stretch/work out and then Meditate. well, It's very expensive to become an Instructor, also you have to go away for a month up to three months in order to become certified. A month would be fine, but 3 months away from Eric is a little too selfish and unhealthy for any marriage. Also I'm not sure Yogi people belief's are ok to be a part of, you know to keep my Temple Recommend? Anyways If I knew that is was ok and that I would not Fail I would start saving money now to go to School!!

It's crazy how this question dares me to dream and it makes me ask myself "Why Not?". Why am I not Trying to achieve something in my life?? It is very healthy for everyone to have goals and to try to become something. One thing that I am doing now is preparing to be a Mother. If I knew I wouldn't Fail as a Mother I would have 16 kids hahaha seriously! Although I am super excited to be a mother, I will admit it is scary! I already have a hard time taking care of myself and Eric how can I add more people to this family Eric and I have? I know what everyone is probably thinking, so don't say it. It's just I Feel selfish because I want to be able to take care of myself just as well as I can now. I want to be able to keep my life balanced as I make my Children number one. I want to be able to be a good example to them, when right now I don't feel like I am a good example to anyone. also want to never put Eric in the background. It's scary to think about all of this. I feel overwhelmed. I know how I should be thinking, but I choose to be honest. Now with all of that said, I want a baby so bad, you know Baby hungry? I can't wait to have a Little person to take care of and Love!! I just can't think of having a child without being nervous. Kudos to those people who become parents without anxiety, but I honestly don't believe those people exist. What would life be knowing we would never Fail??

I don't think it would be better, It sounds great at first. It even sounds inspiring but then where would Faith come in?? I don't think having a salon/Cafe, being a Yoga Instructor, or more importantly, a baby, would be as exciting without the fear of failure. I also don't think the reward of success would be as sweet without Faith. Just some thoughts I want to put out in the world.

Women that I look up too!

Who Inspire me and who I Aspire to be more like!

Kira my sis, who doesn't look up to their big sis? Love her!!

Amber my sister in-law who is such a great Mother and Person

My Parents! Still can't live without my mom!

My Mother in-law who taught Eric Everything he knows, she is an amazing mother.
I know Eric is not a woman but I look up to him also!