Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brittney Conley Eichelberger

Its amazing how Positive B-con is!! How everyone like me who would never know that there was any trial in her life, unless told directly that there is, and still amazed to find out! And I may not know anything about the trial and still barely know her, but from what I do know, I admire everything about her. Everyone can agree that she lights up every room she walks in! Like how you know it's a party because B-con is there! hahaha Well, I'm going to share a little secret with everyone, but don't judge me or be freaked out hahaha......................
There is always someone in my life, ever since I was young, whom I try to be more like . When I was 8 to 12 it was one of Kira's friends Tonya Hardy and I copied my favorite color, yellow, from her! Ever since her, there has always been someone who I try to be more like. It varies from person to person. some I admire for one month, others it lasts years. All the way up until these last few years it has been Brittney. Its something I do subconsciously and I realize myself being the annoying little sister that copies everyone hahaha Kira has had to deal with this side of me her whole life because she is always the top of my list of who I want to be just like. haha Well let me tell you why Brittney has been up there with Kira. It first started when Kira was rooming with Brittney and how fun it was to go and hang out with them! Then Brittney waited for Jesse while he was on his mission. You see my whole life people say that waiting for your missionary isn't smart, and that you are wasting two years of your life and I'm sure everyone can add to this list. It has always bothered me when people said these things. I see them all as ignorant people who don't like working hard for something that they want. I have a great great great Grandmother who waited for My great great great Gramdpa for 4 years. And well, My Grandpa got his mission extended 3 times and each time My Grandma didn't find out until after she went to the train station and waited all day, then a few weeks later she would receive a letter that his mission was extended again. I Love this story and when Brittney waited, I admired her all the more. It is so hard to put trust in the whole situation, trust in the Lord, hoping that it will turn out in the end. To be that lonely and missing someone for that long??? And I'm sure some people made her feel like she was making the wrong decision. Not many can hold out no matter how much you love the person!! She did!
Then there is the obvious of setting eric and I up on a date which pretty much sums up my Happily Ever After!! I will always be so grateful for her placing Eric in my life! And now the small stuff like how she tells a story so animated! It makes seriously the most boring stories come to life and some how it ends like the funniest story you have ever heard! hahahaha How she is one of Kira's best friends, and gets to spend loads of time with her!! who couldn't be jealous of that? ;) And how Happy and Positive she is every time I'm with her, I leave wanting to be that happy and positive in my own life! Well I could go on and on and on, but I'm already being creepy enough! hahahaha I just want Brittney to know that She inspires me!!! Like Anne of Green Gables would put truly are a Kindred Spirit!!!!!

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  1. This post is probably the nicest thing anyone has every said about me and I probably got choked up reading it which we know rarely happens. I really love you for the support you are giving me and appreciate the unbelievably kind words that I probably don't fully deserve. I really am so blown away and this was the boost I needed to keep my spirits up. Love you Nicole!