Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hair, Hair, Hair!!!!! Nope I am not sick of it yet! In fact it is only getting more exciting!! I Had such a blast inviting a bunch of girls over for me to do their hair and makeup and then have a photo shoot!! I have been watching demos on Youtube to learn more about updos and coloring and styling ect........ I am very happy with the career that I have chosen! It is a very good feeling to know that I enjoy what I do, I mean work is work, but the majority of it I love! I also love the salon that I am working in! All of the girls that I work with are so sweet and surprisingly have things in common with me! Sorry I know I am acting like one of those too Happy its fake types! Oh Well hahahaha
My Station at my Salon
My salon
My Niece's, whom I saw this last week and I just love love love them!!
Sorry, just threw them into my Hair themed post! hahaha
All of the Beautiful girls that let me take a whole day out of their spring break
to Doll them all up!
Emily, I call this the Wedding Bow
Me with a normal messy Bun
Jennifer, I don't have a name for this ha
Andie with the vintage 'U' Bun
Tauna with curls and a Waterfall braid across the top
(like I did for Britt's wedding)
Raegan with a Dutch Braid
Melissa has a twist on the other side and I
call this the Rose Bun
Brenna I don't have a name for this other than it was all of
the girls favorite! One of mine too!:)
Kimi with the Rat Nest Bun, YUP! It is all
about the BUNS!!!!
Ombre'!!!!!! No not the spanish word for Man or Boy! The Hair Color!
It is my favorite right now! I feel bad. but I don't remember this girls name, but I
did her color in Idaho! She was the first person I ever did Ombre' on! Love!

Then a few weeks ago Kimi wanted it done also!!! Seriously I love this color!!!

I want to keep adding to my Hair portfolio so I will be doing way more
photo shoots so let me know if you are interested in me doing your hair and makeup and taking a bunch of pictures of you!! :)


  1. These all look SO good! You are very talented:) I am so glad we saw you two last night! Let's make it happen again, real soon!

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